Monday, 23 November 2015

my fairy tale

Cinderella,  bell and 3 wolfs.
by Emma N
once upon time the princess was called  bell and lived in a cottage with 3 little wolves who was bell friends and when they had dinner somehow we heard a noise. then a strange person came and knocked on the door.the first wolfs answered.When he opened the door a princess said hi there can i live with you.The little pig answered and said yes you may my princess. As soon as snow white came and had a look who it was.She was so excited cause it was Cinderella.When they were little they were very good friends.
Then it was bedtime for the little 3 wolfs and when they were in bed .bell and Cinderella  was watching a movie for not really long.then went to bed.In the morning they had breakfast and talked then they were invited to a boll cause the prince had to choose a princess and then become king and queen.Then Cinderella said well let’s get changed.Oh i know what i could were i will were a blue and sparkle dress said bell .Then they went to up steers.oh i don’t know what I'm going to were oh Cinderella why don’t we go bye lovely this is awesome said bell.What a dream said Cinderella so did the 3 wolfs.Then we saw the prince oh he’s so handsome.oh bell i think he’ll choose you said bell then the prince came and said to Cinderella. then he said would you have a dance said the prince.Share said bell then he said i won’t to show you something my love then they got married and lived happily ever after.
             THE END!!!!!!!!
My Reflation 
we have be in learning to write a story and mix the charters up.
have i found this hard because i didn't know what charters i should mix up.
my next step is to not just sit there and think I should get up and ask someone for some charters.

My fairy tale idea

Fairy tale: The 3 mouse and the evil one

Characters: Alex, JP and Harry

Once upon a time there was 4 mice called harry Alex JP. harry  is the evil one.
one day harry said lets go for a walk so they did the he killed the 3 other mouse

Walking in the forest to the volcano

Problems:The 3 other brothers fall for a trick and the evil brother kills the other brothers for 1 day

The three mouse hunt the evil one

comes as ghosts

we have being learning to write a fairy tale story by mixing the characters up.
i found it tricky because I had to do all the work cause Charlotte wasn't really helping me since we were working together.
my next step is to try a little harder and ask someone els.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

tern 4 week 6

On Friday we had to go to the whole school assemble.But the glee group had to go to room 20 for to get in lines and then walk to the assemble.Then we where so lucky that we get to go at the top.And after all the fantastic Friday performs the it was our tern and me and Jessica where so nervier that our faces were red and when we were coming down the stairs. Then Jessica and I noticed that Nadia  came not in the right time so we had to restart and start with out coming in we just had to star all over again!

Then when we started i was not doing the actoins bad but then when i got use to it i did it better!

Monday, 16 November 2015

swimming sharks

We have bein learning to do strokes in the pool.I think that i did good, but i think that i can do better if i have more practise. like still have our days on Friday and Wednesday but on Friday we don't really go on Friday's cause i need to practise on my breathing with my head above the water only a little not butting my head up.i think that i in proved that i did good at my arms of making them long and stretched.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

term 4 week 4

                                    rugby world cup and my weekend

On Sunday me and Katie had to wake up at 5 o'clock in the morning but we wake up at 6 o'clock but we did watch it for 2 hours and Dane carter got the drop and i was awesome and me and Katie were blocking our ears because of my dad cheering for the all blacks and when it finished one of the Aussie people were crying and closing his eyes even throw they said on twitter that they will win but they lost BO ho Aussies they suck. 

Then we had to get changed and have a shower then we didn't won't to watch the rest instead we played with Katie with the my rugby ball doing passes on the Field but when we got there my cousin and my brother Zach was flowing us so we moved and they still flowing us so we had to play touch well me and my cousin wonted to play tackle but not Katie and Zach cause they wonted to play touch so we did then played tackle.

Then we went to church and went up steers and played games then we drooped of Katie and played for a little bit when our mums were talking they took ages and ages then it was time to go then i had dinner and went to bed.