Friday, 30 October 2015

Term 4 week 3

                                              MY WEEKEND

On Saturday i went to the beach for lunch and when we went there we didn't know that the markets were on so we got ice cream and candy floss but it was a small one.Then i went on the play ground
and i had to wait for the swings well i only had to wait for 5 minutes the i could go on them but my brother didn't he had to wait for ages so i gave him my tern because i did have a long tern.After that we went home and played on the tablet.

When we went on the tablet i played Movie Star Planet for about 1 hour because i had no idea what to play.Then i had dinner and desert Then we watched a movie then i went to bed and when i woke up we went to Mac Donald's for break fast and had ban cakes with serape on top and a drink to go with it.After that i wen to the pools and i was so lucky that after we went for a swim we got a ice cream with a flake in it.

Then we went to my Nana's house for a sleep over And when i first went their i saw Nana and she gave me big hugs and then we played uno and it was 2 out of 2 a match so we had a play again and pa ma she won! then we had dinner and went to bed.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Term 4 week 2

 In the morning on Sunday I went to a restaurant for breakfast at 7:30 and when I first went in I was a bit scared because it was fulled with my Dad work friends and I had no idea who they ware but a few min later i was fine to know them.But when it was time for breakfast I got toast, butter, fruit and Bacon and sat back down and go on the tablet because i was a bit board when they ware watching the world cup.

After half hour we went to church because we ware having a shared lunch and we brought donuts, bread and chips.I got bread, coke and chips so yum yummy.  Then we went home and packed my staff for Katie's house then mum dropped me off to Katie's and when i first  went there we went on the computer then  we went to jump for two hours and got drinks.After that we went home so we could have a spa for an hour and a half.

The we had chicken and rice for dinner and for desert we had ice cream with m&m.Then i went to bed and watched a movie in bed in till we ware asleep.Next in the morning Katie and I got in our togs and went to the pools for about an hour in a half.Then we wen home and went on the computer and went on MSP which is Movie Star Planet t it was awesome for my first time.

Then I went home at 5 and as soon as i went home i went on the tablet and played Movie Star Planet because it was so fun and my account was VIP coming throw because i am a VIP and i look so SO cool:) then i went to night church, when i first went there i saw this big as clown just standing their in my face then we went up stairs and played games and watched movies then we went down stairs and had dinner then went home.

The down stairs ware the adults praying and worshiping but up stairs we have fun

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

term 4 week 1

In the holidays I went to holiday program in the weeks but in the weekend I went to a breakfast and watched the rugby world cup on the tv, but it was a little bit boring because i only had to sit down and eta my breakfast watching tv pa pa so DUM! po po. after that I went to my cousins house for 2 sleep overs it was fun because we went to jump then pools then got lunch for lunch I got Burger king.
so after lunch i went to get every one some lolly's because they ware to scerd  but i was not. 

 in the morning my uncle drooped me of at Kalins house when i first went there i saw...  coco! and piper. then Ty and Lani came over to have breakfast and when they left we went to the dairy and I got a drink and bubble gum. then watched a movie the movie was called snow white in live then we went to the night markets for dinner and i got sweet and soar pork and for desert we had pop corn.In the morning my mum came to pick me up and went home.