Thursday, 24 September 2015

tree planting

                            My  reflection
                             I had to dig holes and but plants in.
                             I though it was tricky to dig the hole.
                             My next step is to  work with someone that is strong so it won't be so hard.

Te tuhi

My reflection
I had to draw our family.
though it was tricky because I am not good at drawing!
My next step is to think about drawing good then thinking bad.

Monday, 21 September 2015

How to make wind chimes

TOPIC....How to Make Clay wind chimes
Have you ever made a wind chimes?
Do you have some wind chimes in your garden?Have you ever heard wind chimes?
Wind chimes are hanging ornaments made out of glass,metal clay or 
other materials that made a sound when the wind blows.

clay, toothbrushes,pencils,paper,water,cardboard,paint,paint brushes skewers

First we need to draw at the paper nice  and fat thing I draw the .and then cut that out from the paper then put it on the clay and make six of leaves and don’t forget you need to put hole in it  .next clear choose one of the primary colurs 
and I chose blue .After paint the blue of the one leave. Next paint the dark blue
so,we need a little black,and paint the light blue and we need little white and 
choose another primary color then mix with real color my one is blue and yellow and it’s make green.After mix green with black and mix green and white then dry it.  And then you are… DONE!!

gift /present Decoration Art Out in the garden Mostly for outside use or near a window inside.

Can be different shapes,colors,size,patterns,clay hang them in different 
I was learning to write a clear explanation for an audience

3D Shapes

My reflection
I was learning to anwer the shapes in numbers
I had to anwer the quitions
I thought it was easy because I had learned 3D and 2D shapes
I chose to share my learning by creating
My next step is to think more offin about shapes.

Friday, 18 September 2015

making inferences

Did You Shake Your Tail Feathers?
By Sharlene Helg Ngatupuna

Character’s Name
Character’s words or actions
Our inferences
Nosy, helpful, fast.  Tried to find the owner of the special feather.  
Weak is a curious bird who tries to be helpful and do the right thing.  
scary, jealous, mean,.
kahu is mean bird who tries to be a bully to birds.
vain, fancy, nice, glossy, clean, blue, red,  black.
pukeko is a  fancy to other birds.
tired, grumpy, mad, angry.
kiwi is a grumpy bird who tries  to be mean to other birds.
Kare area
fearless, fearsome, scary, leader, kind, helpful.
Kare area is a helpful bird who tries to be a fearless, leader, kind to other birds.