Monday, 25 September 2017


W.A.L.T:  make justified predictions from reading the book Ghost.

My Reflection
I was able to think three ideas because I listened to the story and was able to write down what he was thinking when ghost was doing the race.

Next time I can think more ideas than three and get a different picture so the reader can guess what I'm thinking by another person by ghost.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Decimals and fractions


My Reflection
I was able to convert fractions and decimals and for the mental strategy and  put them in line with each other and to convert 2.3 into 2.30. 

Next time I need to draw a two lines under the answer and keep my decimal points in line for next time.


W.A.L.T : understand passing on messages is important so we understand why we celebrate.

My Reflection
I was able to search up Easter facts and write it in my own words with Ella and Mini.

Next time I will add more facts about Easter in my slide show.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

A-Z celebrations

W.A.L.T: understand that people celebrate in different ways.

My Reflection
I was able to go on the internet and get some celebration dances and put them in my slideshow and get some images and videos to diatribe what i choose and my group did.

I found this just a little bit hard because we had to find dance celebrations that start with letters like a n c d.

Next time I  will  make sure to get better dance celebrations that start with letters and make sure to finish it in time.

Speeches 2017

                                                         W.A.L.T: deliberately choose words to create an effect on the audience

I was able to choose persuasive words in my speech like I think and persuasive.
Next time i can make my speech make more sense and make more perseverance words that are highlighted.